Best Method To Recover Data From Transcend USB

Today almost every people is carrying small storage medium like Pen Drive, flash card, drive etc along with them in their gadgets and store lots of their valuable data inside that. There are various brands that facilitates all these storage medium. Still among them, Transcend has been considered as one of the ideal brands that provides us USB, Flash Card, Drive and many other storage stuffs. It efficiently stores various data of different formats, and it will be not shocking that those data get lost because of corruption or deletion. Also, there is a great probability of throwing some errors like

Write Protection Error

Occurring of this error means you are not allowed to perform any write operation, you are only allowed to read and copy data from the device. Usually this error occurred because of having any virus infection as it may changes the access mode to write protected. All device has lock switch and locking of that switch may also prevent you from writing. Some of the methods to get rid of this error are :

Make sure that you have not locked the UBS switch. If it is locked then only unlocking them can disable write protection.

If the above method get fails, then you can done it by modifying a registry entries. For this

  1. Start “Run” box
  2. Type “regedit” and then press enter
  3. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrrentControlSet -> Control. And then Search for StorageDevicePolicies. And if that doesn’t exist, then add add a new key named StorageDevicePolicies.
  4. Then, travel to that and create a new D-WORD(32 bit), WriteProtect.
  5. Then change the value of the key WriteProtect to 0.

USB Flash Card Note Detected

Occurring of this error means getting fails in detection after inserting the slash card or drive to the device. Even, connecting with other PC may also fail to detect it. And in that case you are unable to access your own files.

There are also some other related situation that prevents you from accessing your data. Some of them are :

  1. Please insert a disk into the device
  2. USB flash drive is not inaccessible. PC cannot recognized USB flash drive.
  3. USB flash drive is not formatted.
  4. Occurring of read/write error.

But it doesn’t mean that the data stored on that device get lost. This error can be occurred because of having virus infection, software problem, hardware problem, unusual user activities like forceful shutdown of the device without closing the opened program, pulling out your Transcend flash card with no switch of the camera off, not removing the device safely, etc. Any one of the above mentioned situation can cause corruption of data which can lead to data loss which can be important for you. It’s quite irritating situation for everyone. Although you can adopt some manual method like above mentioned, but it is not necessary that it will remove the error and also it needs enough technical knowledge. So, it would be better to use any third party software.

You can easily get rid of all these issues or can get your data accessibility of Transcend USB / flash card / drive by using “Flash Recovery Software”. This is very powerful software that has been coded with very innovative algorithm that removes all the error and can even repair your data that has been corrupted or deleted. And the best part is that, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.